Frolic QueenThe Microblog of a Serial Tourist

What queen?

Frolic Queen was inspired by all of the friends who keep on asking me for itineraries. I decided to create a space where they can get my itineraries and also read about my experience so that they can either use the same itinerary or come up with a new one to avoid places that I don't like.

Who's this queen?

I'm Aysha Anggraini and one of my favorite things to do is touristing. This is a space for me to write about my experience. Just another travel blog that is unlike any other travel blog. Instead of boring you with a wall of text describing about my entire travelling experience in a particular country, I'll condensed it down to a few words per place visited and lay it down on a map so that you get to read about my experience and also get a free lesson in Geography!

I'm a Software Engineer by day and a wannabe Circus Artist by night. I'm born and raised in Malaysia but I am currently based in Singapore. Every year, I do at least one large trip lasting for 2 weeks and these trips are planned before hand. I travel more than once every year but I can't pinpoint exact number since I do spontaneous travellings either because of work, speaking engagements or based on a personal whim and this spontaneous travels last for about a week.

I travel with my family (mom, sister, aunt, and uncle) who has to put up with some of my travelling quirks:

  • I hoarde empty water bottles because I cannot go to the loo without cleaning myself thoroughly with water. I'm an #IstinjaNinja. This applies to any predominantly non-Muslim countries except Japan. God bless Japan with their electric bidets! Because of this quirk, our car is always littered with empty water bottles that I have forbid them from being thrown away!
  • Because of the quirk above, my mother's and my aunt's handbags are always littered with empty water bottles. I do not like to sight-see with any handbags on since I feel it is quite restrictive. This annoys my mother since I ended up putting my belongings in her handbags!
  • I'm quite adventurous and I like to hike. My family does not enjoy hiking. So they have to wait for me while I explore a particular place. But they do remind me to take lots of pictures.

Other than that, I'm pretty easy to travel with and I'm quite spontaneous. If I see a beautiful place, I'll suggest that we park somewhere and explore. My adventurous nature has its limits: I don't enjoy camping unless if it's glamping.

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